Next meeting Sun 11th

Hey all,
Suggesting 1pm at Stephen's Green next Sunday 11th, at the main arch entrance. Idea is to sketch inside the green itself, weather permitting. If weather v. bad we can retreat to cafe in shopping centre which has brill views over Grafton St and down towards Baggot St. If you're new to the group have your sketch pad out so as we can recognise you. Also we were discussing some more ideas for places to sketch at the last meeting and a couple of people suggested getting out of the city and into the surrounding hills - which would be great on a sunny day! One option would be The Blue Light, which apparently is about a 30 min walk from Dundrum. Another one is Johnny Foxes - would mean people having to drive though. I only mention all this now as logistically it would take a little more planning to sketch outside of the city. Perhaps people could indicate if this idea interests them, and if so perhaps a month that would suit best....
Sarah Bo


SarahOR said...

well i can pick people who don't have a car up from the clonskeagh/ dundrum area so long as people don't mind i'm a learner. How about the Blue light the week after this for some lovely views and a 7up pending?

Paul said...

I'm in...! Might be nmore than a 7up though....!

BTW: How do you get a link up on the list of blogs/websites...?


SarahOR said...

just email me or post up here and I can add it..hope to see you this day week!

PS would love to see the photos!

Faraway said...

Looking forward to Sunday, will see you all there :)

Paul said...

Hi Sarah,

it's http://

I'll arrange something about the photos tonight (if it doesn;t bore people to death!)