Kilkenny away team

I'm not really sure how it happened but early one hungover Friday morning some links were clicked and some reservations made. It's not my place to say who clicked what or reserved which but it was all over very quickly and it's evident accommodation was indeed secured. Now I'll admit I had reservations to begin with but they were insufficient for our needs. We've therefore spared no expense in booking one of Kilkenny's better low budget hostels. We chose this fine town for the inaugural away mission mostly for its bars and partly for its magnificent castle and beautiful public grounds. We plan on heading down Friday 17th of October and spending two nights bonding in the reflected glory of future works. There are arrangements yet to be made, things like transport and whose round it is, but these can wait. For now simply sit back and rest assured that you'll be assured of rest.

The people booked are as follows:

1) Sarahbo
2) tracy
3) luckyfish/marta (plastic castles will be provided)
4) Ciaran L
5) me (Her)
6) Ric
7) Stephen (Me)

The rooms are €17 each per night. You can give me the €34 when we're heading down. If anyone else would like to be added to the booking please use the contact information below and tell them you're part of the Stephen Reilly party. Also post here and let us know.

The accommodation can be checked out here.

Contact Details:
Hostel Name :Kilkenny Tourist Hostel
Address :35 Parliament Street,
Kilkenny City,
Kilkenny, Ireland.
Phone Number :+353 (0) 56 7763541
Fax Number :+353 (0) 56 7763541
Email Address

By bus: get off at Patrick St (rather than the train station), walk through High St which continues on to become Parliament St. We are down on the right hand side with a big red door.

By Train: Walk down John street to the town centre turn right into High St. This continues on to become Parliament St.

Now I'm tired so I'm going to go have a sandwich.


Tracy said...

Sound man :) Thanks for that! Where's Sarah's name on that list though - is she going under the alias of Stephen too?

SarahOR said...

i think ´her´ is me and m=sarahor! Thanks for that Stephen. If your going to the horses on SundaY ill see you then!

Stephen said...

She's under the original alias of "me". :) I'll ring them in after lunch to confirm rooms and things. The confirmation email said both rooms were mixed dorms.

Stephen said...

Right so I rang them and fixed that. We'll all be in the same dorm. If anyone else wants to go just ask to be put in the same room as us. Ehm, yeah that's about it. There's a deposit of €150 for groups over 6 (don't bring back guests, no smoking in the rooms, etc). They don't accept credit cards. It'll be easier if I just pay that rather than collect and redistribute €21.43 from everyone :)

Great stuff so it's all go. Yawn.

Tracy said...

ok cool - I just worry that you end up lamped with the 150 deposit gone if anything were to happen - not that it will.. but still! Maybe I'm just a negative person.. oh dear no!