More Zoo Sketches!

Well, as Sarah said earlier - it was very hard to sketch with all the kids and parents jostling to get a better view, both at the animals and at what was on my page! Couldn't concentrate with it!! Had a great day though, the monkeys were very entertaining to say the least!! Couldn't get a decent sketch as they really don't like to sit still - a window of 5 seconds is all you have to work with!


James Moore said...

Love your monkeys drawings they are full of character.Nice work.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks :) They really are busy little guys!!

Gearoid said...

Well done,Tracy. Your drawings are fab - and so lively. You certainly caught the moment with the rhino munching away and the monkeys picking and scratching. Thanks for your comments about my own drawing. I've put a note on my own blog to explain my interest if you want to check it out.