Sunday 12th - Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is the exoctic venue for this Sunday's sketching session. As mentioned previously, this will be a longer session than usual, so we will meet at the earlier time of 11:00am at the main gates. Please note that there's an entrance fee of €15.

For info on how to get there, check out the Dublin Zoo website at:

See you there!:-)
Sarah Bo


SarahOR said...

i think its 14.50eur but you can get 2euros off that if you have a discount card,..

Ciaran. said...

Look forward to it.

Weather from Met Eireann

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be largely dry and cloudy. However thickening cloud will bring some patchy light rain or drizzle to places later. Similar temperatures to today, with highs ranging 13 to 16 degrees, and light to moderate southwest winds persisting.

Looking good.

Ciaran.L said...

Sarah (O'R), I gave my discount to Jessica, because I don't think I'll be going in to the zoo, any way I'll be late, might see some of you later that day though.

Gearoid said...

Hope to be there. Change of plans and all that. Looking forward to it.

Ciaran. said...

Not sure I'm gonna make it tomorrow now, :(

Had looked forward to it.