Update re-postcard exchange

got this email today. Whoever is interested in making a card / maybe meeting this group at a Sunday session or some evening post up here so we can get an idea of numbers. Im not sure if she means having some kind of art/ postcard exhibition, what do you think?

Hi Sarah,
I got your email address from Lorraine in Walkinstown Association, where I facilitate art and Yoga sessions. The art group there have made some amazing art cards and we would like to send them to another art group who would be interested in reciprocating, showing the work somewhere and meeting our group? It is a simple but potentially positive idea and Lorraine says your group may be interested. If that's the case I'd love to hear from you as to when we could send you our cards, we are pretty much ready to go.
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Again,
Great about the posting, hope there s good response. I think a small exhibition with the two groups cars would be great. perhaps Arts and Disability could help out with venue? The format you suggest is fine and I will ask the centre about an evening or week end meeting.I know tis would be outside of their usual hours but you never know.
I will get back to you as soon as I have more details



TAW Blog Admin said...

I'll happily exchange a poscard painting. When what how and where. Any particular theme?
Yours interested

SarahOR said...

so there´s

1) me
2) James

3) stephen
4 sarah bo
5) tracy (last three) possibly

anyone else? also the other group have the cards done so it might be a good idea for us to get going on them?

Stephen said...

I'm likely going to do mine while we're down in Kilkenny. I've no idea what I'm doing yet though.

Tracy said...

I'll do mine in Kilkenny :D

Gearoid said...

Yea, count me in too. But is there a specific theme or any special guidelines?

SarahOR said...

okay so there´s

1) me
2) James
3) stephen
4) tracy
5) Gearoid

6) sarahbo and possibly everyone else

Anonymous said...

Possibly me too! I did not understand much about what they are going to do though :)

TAW Blog Admin said...

Is there a theme or will we just go ahead with doing whatever comes into our heads? I'm starting one today - it's a great exercise - have any of you ever come across the Griffin and Sabine postcards/correspondence-might prove fruitful for some.