Hugh Lane Gallery - 22nd February

Was great to see everyone today! Pity that some of the exhibitions were closed, particularly upstairs - but it means we will go back again another time. As always, the security staff were lovely!
Tea in the Garden - Walter Osborne

Did a quick sketch that just wasn't working out, shown below. Resorted to doing more "squiggles" which I enjoyed! This is Walter Osborne's "Tea in the Garden", with a woman sitting pouring tea at the table, the grandmother sitting on a bench behind and the children playing in the foreground. Here's the original!
First sketch was this one.


James Moore said...

Like your interpretation of the Osborne work Tracey - sorry I missed todays session.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks James!

The concert was moved to City Hall, Gearoid arrived at 12pm - they are currently working on exhibition spaces so things were a bit up in the air! Was a nice day all in all, hope you feel better and see you next weekend maybe!


Gearoid said...

Very nice abstract, Tracy. You are developing your own unique style. Well done. Gearoid

Ciaran.L said...

That's amazing, Tracy. I used to feel like plugging my ears when the life-drawing instructor would bang on about "from the abstract to the figurative", but that phrase really suits your piece. Really original work!

Ciaran.L said...

oh, p.s. we've got what seems like a spammer "following" the blog: "pentecostal web radio", if you look at his profile, seems interested in an awful lot of blogs!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks Ciaran :) Have sorted it!

Scribbler said...

Great work Tracy, love the designs. Great to meet you hopefully I'll get there next week.