Africa Day at the Iveagh Gardens Sunday 24 May 2009 1pm

We will go with Stephens suggestion of the...Iveagh Gardens for Africa day. There's bound to be a lot of colour and excitement. There'll be street performers, live bands, food stalls and a myriad of other activities. Also it's free in :)
We meet at the main gates at 1:00 on Sunday.

Nice one Stephen!

Iveagh Gardens has several entrances, Main one is just off Harcourt street about halfway up and another one is on Hatch Street near National Concert Hall. Getting there ; theres the nearby Harcourt Luas stop (opp Odeon bar, Tripod) three mins walk from Stephens Green, 16a bus stops nearby too

Click link here for a Map of Iveagh Gardens

Oh yeah maybe bring colouring pencils, pastels, watercolours, acrylic paints whatever you are comfortable with to try and capture some of the colour. Really looking forward to this. Regards,



kay said...

hi guys, was at the africa day thing but didnt find you there, so my mate and me wondered off on our own, was a great sunny day! too bad i missed you guys there.

Tracy O'Brien said...

That is such a pity Kay - really sorry you missed us. We all got a bit lost but I suppose the regulars recognised each other and we did find another few random sketchers as we wandered about. Hope you will come out again though, it was a beautiful day and the Africa Day was so well organised, I had a great time!