Hugh Lane Gallery

Lady Lavery (by John Lavery)


Pat said...

Really terrific drawing Tracy; next time out I want to see how you do it! For benefit of new sketchers (me included), how do you post sketches on the site & how do you set up a personal blog on the site? Instructions need to be idiot-proof.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks Pat!

To post your sketches on the site, what I do is take a picture of my sketch with my camera and upload it. Then click "new post" on the top of the dublinsketchers blog. To attach an image click on the picture icon, browse for your image on your pc and upload it. Or if you prefer just email it to the sketchers email and I will post it up for you!

I think you have created a personal blog - as far as I can see - so simply create a new post on that in the same way and you're in business!

If you need any help just drop me an email!


Mary said...

Great sketch Tracy. I look forward to seeing your creations, each time!

Sarah Bowie said...

great sketch T, you've got a really unique style.