Some sketches from Temple Bar on Sunday.

The Trapeze, waiting for action........ later! and a view of Curved St.
The sketch of Eustace Street in Brown ink, by Maura, and a sketch by Catherine. (Sorry for the quality of these 2 images, I used my mobile in bad light!)


Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks for posting Mary, glad ye got some work done, I had to run away after only arriving!! I didn't see any circus stuff going on - did things arrive later?!

Mary said...

Thanks Tracy, I came late unfortunately. I could see the Juggling items flying up in the air, but there was a big crowd around and I was too late to get a view point.
The Trapeze was due for 4.45pm but we had retired to the Czech Inn before that! Still, the circus had been on the go since Thursday!