Sunday 20th June

Hey hey,
    I hope this message finds you all well. We've just finished our exhibition yesterday, tearing everything down and putting some beer on it. Very emotional times. Our sincere thanks to everyone who came along to support it and of course to all of the artists who showed work.
    This weekend sees the return of the annual Street Performers Festival. It's always great craic what with lunatics throwing knives at each other and random members of the audience. Also some guy contorting himself through a toilet seat. Yeah, that's fun too and probably highly practical... Anyway we'll start at the giant bouncy space hopper world record attempt on Upper Mount street. From there there's talk of splitting up to see both the festival and, for those in mind of a quieter alternative, the RHA. We'll be just beside Pepper Canister Church (seen in the picture there) on Mount Street at 2:00. Look out for a bunch of people with sketchpads and approximately no space hoppers attached.
    Don't worry if you don't initially find us, just wander about the festival drawing stuff and when we've finished our rambling we'll meet back up at 4:00 in the National Art Gallery's cafe. Right, I think that about covers it. See you on Sunday, have a couple of good ones :D