Sunday 20th June

Hey there,

thanks to everyone who helped out and indeed turned up to our exhibition this week. Hopefully by Sunday everyone will have recovered :D Now then, so where will we go? So far the two ideas that have been floated are the Street Performers festival in Merrion Square and the RHA which currently has it's 180 celebratory exhibitions on.

Take a click through and please post a comment if you have a preference for either or indeed have an alternative suggestion. I reckon one way or the other I'll be heading in to both this weekend as they look fantastic.

Also go take a look at the photos from our exhibition on our facebook page. There are just too many to put them up here at the minute. You can still go see the real thing in the Sol Art Gallery until Thursday afternoon. If you haven't done so yet, it would be great if you could call in and sign the guestbook.