Sunday 27th June

Well hello there artistic folk. Yes, you, that's who it is. I, for one, reckon this weekend's event could be a little bit special. Mostly I'll be bringing along some charcoal, mostly. That's right, the Simpsons are going to the Print Museum!!! Eh, and by Simpsons, I do of course mean the sketchers. That's you, you there, in the spiffing shirt with the tolerant grin, patiently waiting for me to get to the point.

Ah yes, the point it is then; 2:00 at the Print Museum this Sunday armed with various art supplies! We'll meet outside unless it's raining, in which case inside's where I'll be. Then we split up to draw the machines and things and re-meet (it's a word) in or around 4:00 at an as yet to undisclosed location. Oooooh exciting.

If you're new to sketchers wave about a sketchpad and look for the comely gentleman with the insanely large beard, that's apt to be me. Comely, yes, with a rather overly-friendly demeanor. Hello again If you're not new then it's deadly that you came back! Fun eh?

Information yoinked from their website:
Admission Prices

Adults: €3.50


The National Print Museum is situated in the Old Garrison Chapel Beggars Bush,

Haddington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Nearest DART Station

Lansdowne Road or Grand Canal Dock (5 min walk) see for timetables
Bus Routes
7, 45, 63 (From Trinity College Dublin) see for timetables