Unofficial sketching session next Thursday-anyone interested?

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a bit of drawing in a pub or a cafe say from 7pm onwards this thursday?

This is an unofficial sketching session (eg there will be the main one on Sunday too) and if people want to bring magazines or things to sketch for an hour or two go ahead. I won't be emailing people so comment up here if your interested and if there's one other person (eg other then me as then i'd be a lonely sketcher!) it'll go ahead.

Also suggestions for cafes/ pubs with good light in the city centre are welcome..



Mary said...

I would have liked to come Sarah, but cannot make it this Thursday, sorry.

Mary said...
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Sarah Bowie said...

i like the idea in theory, but don't forget this Thurs is Story sketch in the Library Bar extension - why don't you come along to that??

Suzanne Lindfield said...

I really like the idea Sarah, and would like to come but I'll be heading west on thursday.

SarahOR said...

I always prefer drawing from what's in front of me then my head :Z! thanks though Sarah

I wonder if the bleeding horse would be packed with football supporters?