Sunday 25 July

Yo yo yo!

    Due largely to the demands of the popular we'll postpone our attempted transition to indoor, city centre locations and head out to the World Culture Festival in Dun Laoghaire ( It's fully full of fun, food and f...colour. Also as it's in Dun Laoghaire, there are millions of places to escape the bustle and myriad quiet spots to draw things that don't pass by. I hope there's currywurst, I really do. If anyone finds any there let me know immediately.

    To that end let's meet on the Dun Laoghaire side of the Dart station at 2:00 or whenever the nearest dart to 2:00 arrives :) We'll meet back up just down from the station at the junction there at 4:00 for coffee and story swapping. If it's your first time sketching with us make sure you have a sketchpad in hand so that we'll recognise you and for heaven's sake stand up straight :D Ok then, it's waaaay to nice to stay in the office so I'm heading out to find me a beer of some description.

Laters people,


Mary said...

Went to Dunlaoghaire today. A bit late as usual, I am afraid! It took me a while to get acclimatised to all the activity.
However I took the advice offered here on a post, and sat with my back to the pier wall. There were also empty benches available, but I had a brought a small folding stool, I soon settled and found some very interesting items to sketch.
However I did not happen to meet up with any other sketchers, would love to see some work!

Stephen said...

Heh, I've photos of a bunch of them. I'll put them up this evening. They're on facebook at the moment. Really nice work there by the way. I love the canon pic. We ended up in Scotts afterward. :)

Mary said...

Sorry Stephen, read the instructions wrong, I waited at the Dart at 4oc, not the junction!! Thanks for your comments looking forward to seeing the sketches!

Mary said...

BTW ,Stephen, I have a few photos, how can I upload them to the album on Facebook? I am signed in tho!