30th World Sketchcrawl. Jan 22nd.2011. Dublin. Some sketches.

There were eleven sketchers and we first met in the National Gallery, then at 2pm we moved into the Natural History Museum also in Merrion Square, and finally we all finished up in the National Archaelogy and History Museum in Kildare St.
 It was a good place to be as it was a very chilly day!  As we finished up at around 5pm. their cafe was closed so we all headed off to the amazing "Cafe en Seine" for refreshments.  Looking forward to the next Sketchcrawl!

Interior of the National Gallery.

Here are some of the sketches done in the Natural History Museum.


Sketches from the National History & Archeology Museum

     Photo of interior of the History Museum in Kildare St.

Finally a photo from the Cafe en Seine in Dawson St


Patrick Daly said...

Great work everyone. I really enjoyed
the Natural History museum. Had'nt been there since i was a nipper.

Marcos Silveira said...

Indeed, great work everyone!

Marcos Silveira said...
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Dave said...

Great results. Really cool take on the rocky mountain goat.

Mary said...

Thanks Dave, had a look at Barcelona results, fantastic work!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Fantastic work - some really amazing sketches. Fair play everyone and I'm so jealous I couldn't go. Next time I hope!