Putting a name to the sketches done at the Flea Market.

The first four figures in charcoal, browsing - Lorraine.
Five pages of faces and objects, and a page of bicycles - Jessica.
An interior drawn in pencil showing the canopy - Filipa.
A two page sketch of the entrance corridor - James.
Charcoal drawing - Lorraine.
Two figures in pencil, and a man wearing a red head - Catherine.
Exterior with motorbike in the foreground - John.
Colour pencil sketch of a stall - Sandra.
People browsing, loose figures and the interior with canopy - Balaz.
Two sketches of people browsing, in blue pencil - Katherine.
Coffee shop queue with woman texting - Keith.
Grand vista showing the canopy - John.
6 pencil drawings of people browsing, figures, people seated - Sinead.
Interior detail showing the banner, exterior with bicycle and motorbike - Melanie.
Coffee shop with two women seated at table - Lia.

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