Dublin Sketchers trip to Inis Oirr (Aran Islands) 2-5 Feb

It is proposed that a loose gathering of sketchers heads to Inis Oirr, the smallest of the Aran Islands, for Thursday 2th - Sunday 5th February. 

Loose plan is to go, stay, feed ourselves and sketch, with everyone pitching in to make it happen.

This plan is taking shape because Pat has connections with the island and her people. 

Paddy Crowe, the manager of the island cooperative, says the island is quiet this time of year so we are waiting to see if anything will be open!

We are emailing now to see if people are interested. Please email by 7pm on Sunday 15th January if you are interested to participate. 

Getting there
You'll need to get there! 

Transport from Dublin city to Galway city: Various buses from Dublin city such as 'Go Bus' www.gobus.ie (13 Euro one-way)or the train www.irishrail.ie

Once people have said they would like to participate, car sharing from Dublin could take shape.

Transport from Galway city to Inis Oirr: By ferry or plane http://aerarannislands.ie/ a bus is provided by these companies to take you to either the ferry terminal at Rossaveal, Co Connemara or to the airport in Connemara.

The ferry from Rossaveal is www.aranislandferries.com

There will be some. We are looking to see whether it will be a hostel or B&B. Accomodation is limited at this time of year, as it is out of season. If we stay in the hostel you might need to provide your own bedding and towels.

If we stay in the hostel it will be self catering. Everyone will need to help out with cooking, washing up etc. We'll hatch a plan about what to eat, make a lovely shopping list, and bring all our food with us to the Island. Each of us will need to carry a back of food with their luggage from the main land to the Island.

There will be a lot of weather off the west coast of Ireland in early February. You will need to dress for it! And it might just rain all weekend.

Inis Oirr, the smallest of the the Aran Islands, very beautiful, in Galway Bay, off the coasts of Connemara, Co Galway and the Burren Clare.

The island
Grey Karst limestone rock pavement throughout with tiny fields and 100's miles of dry stone walls, cows, sheds, fishing boats, nets and lobster pots. The sea is everywhere under a big sky. The highest point of the island is O'Brien's castle looking out to sea where they used tax incoming Spanish ships by taking barrels of wine. St Gobnait's (protector of bees) little early Irish Christian church lies in ruins and St Caomhan's church too, which appeared one night after a great storm took away the surrounding sand. There is an historic burial site, holy wells, the road of the 7 sisters etc. The Plassey ship (seen in the TV series, Father Ted) lies on the east shore washed up on the rocks after the islanders saved everyone on board. You can see the Burren and Connemara across the bay and the lights of Galway city in the distance at night. The island also has a thriving cooperative and an art centre-Aras Eanna.

Solititude and Sketching
Going at this time of the year will guarantee a level of solitude and sparse bleakness, which in itself is most beautiful, away from the Summer crowds, and a time for meditation, being with fellow sketchers and most importantly having the time to draw and to paint.

Like on Sundays, the schedule will be very loose, with participants participating to make it happen. 

There will be costs. Like - accommodation, transport, food, beer. Like on Sundays, we're all individually responsible.

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