Sketches from Iveagh Gardens today, Sunday June 9th. 2019

Today,  there was limited entry areas available into the Iveagh Gardens, due to work being done,   and as we entered through the little flower garden gate,  we were happy to avail of the unusual views afforded us there.
 We also welcomed some Urban Sketcher visitors from the USA.

                                                                     2 By Glenn Tyler

                                                                       By Mary O'C

                                                                        2  By Cathriona S.
                                                                          By Chris 

3  By Marie Helene

2  By Vourneen

By Caroline

By Sheila

3  By Pat Mc A

2 By Aodh

By Xavier

By Eunah

By Mary S.

2 By Betty.

By Kate

By Jessica

By James M.

By Alex C.

By Davey

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