Calling all sketchers - Art donations wanted. Barnardos Fundraiser Night - Monday, 20th December, 2010 at 7pm. 191 Pearse St.Trinity Arts Workshop.

Calling all sketchers and life drawers.

A Fundraiser in aid of Barnardos children's charity will be held at the Trinity Arts Workshop in 191 Pearse St. studios (Opp. O'neills bar) on Monday, 20th december, 2010 at 7pm.

Donations of drawings & sketches are kindly requested from artists of the life drawing class and the Dublin Sketchers group, past and present, and will be exhibited and sold/auctioned at a minimum price to raise funds for barnardos.

Anyones participation in this event will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable evening and maybe even a great opportunity for family and friends to buy a beautiful original drawing as an xmas gift and support a worthwhile charity as well. We will probably be heading over to O'Neills for a pint afterwards so it should be a bit of craic too.

Work will be collected from artists before Friday 17th December by fellow sketcher Carmel at the end of the next couple of Sunday sessions or alternatively you can give them to me James if I'm about, or drop them into the Trinity life drawing studio on Pearse Street. Thankyou for reading! Stay warm and safe folks!


Mandy said...

I wouldn't mind donating sketches although I was just wondering if they can be photocopies as the sketchbook that I use isn't one that you can pull sheets out of and I wouldn't want to start cutting or ripping pages out and probably wouldn't get a chance to do others on loose paper over next few weeks

sally said...

Thats a great idea i'll give something in on this Sunday or next.

SarahOR said...

would te stuff have to be framed?

Mary said...

I was wondering about framing also, or at least, presenting them in a picture mount?
Also, Mandy, I have always cut my sketches carefully from my sketchbook, with a craft knife, and I keep photocopies for a record.

James Moone said...

I guess an original sketch is preferable, but you could do a photocopy if you prefer Mandy but you might want to write it down beside the picture that it is not an original so it is obvious to a potential buyer.
Pictures do not have to be framed. Carmel was saying she thought that that pictures could be priced cheaply 5/10 euro or else you could put them in for the auction and see what happens. It's all about the fundraising really. Regards,James