Sketches from Sunday May 2nd.2021, on the Theme of " The Savage City".

                                                  " The Savage City "



Marie Helene  (1)

Marie Helene  (2)

Valerie  (1)

Valerie  (2)


Caitriona  (1)

                                                          Caitriona  (2)


Veronique  (1)

Veronique  (2)

Veronique  (3)

Veronique  (4)


Michael C.

Pat McA  (1)

                                                         Pat Mc A  (2)


Mary O'C  (1)

Mary O'C  (2)

Mary O'C  (3)

                                                           Grainne M.

                                                             Richard D.

                                                         Peter B.  (1)

                                                           Peter B.  (2)

                                                       Peter B.  (3)

Sun 2nd May The savage city ...

  Hi all ... this week - Sunday 2nd May - let’s explore the wilder parts of town ... nature fights back ... it can be the dandelions dominating the waste land ... the beautiful flowers that grow in old walls ... or maybe you have regular wildlife tin the garden ...a friendly Mr Fox .... your old buddy the robin ... even, as I really did see one evening, a heron on the front steps .... as usual we can do it by photo or in your own locality  .... enjoy 

The session, as usual, starts from 2pm and later, at 4pm, we'll meet on Zoom to show each other our work over a drink. You'll need the meeting ID and password to join. If you are on the Dublin Sketchers What'sApp group, you'll find the info there. If not, email before noon on Sunday to ask for the details. There'll be a waiting room to join the Zoom, so wait a few minutes to join.

If you would like your sketch to be added to please either post it to the WhatsApp Social Dublin Sketchers group or email it to dublinsketchers @ (jpeg format). Please make it low-res and properly orientated for posting to the website. If you're on Instagram, please include  #dublinsketchers in your post or tag us @dublin_sketchers

Sketches from Sunday 25th April 2021, re the Canals.




                                                            Kate K.




                                                            Pat McA





                                                            Isiolde  (1)

                                                           Isiolde  (2)

                                                        Marie Helene




                                                           Mary O'C

                                                       .   Peter B  (1)

                                                             Peter B. (2)

                                                              James M.


                                                            Michael C.