Some sketches from Chester Beatty on Sunday Feb. 20th

(Note: Click on pictures  to enlarge )

Sketches from the exhibition, by Eva.

Islamic Bookbinding sketches, by Mary.

2 sketches by Helen.                                                     Sketch by ?J.

  < Sketch from the exhibition  by Chris.

                                                                                               Right:Sketch by Karine
_  Sketch by Maura.Sketch by Tom______________________________________________________________________

Sketches in the Foyer of Chester Beatty, by Philip.


                                                                     Sketches by Suzanne


sally said...

Those are really great! i will have to get back out again

Unknown said...

great stuff again, big crowd out aswell. Rugby and GAA is gonna keep me away for another couple of weeks but lookin forward to goin back out again already!