Botanic Gardens Sun Mar.2012. Some more Sketches.

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Today  the weather  was perfect for the Botanic Gardens, and a large group of Sketchers arrived. 
We met again for coffee at the new Courtyard Cafe, in the gardens.

 Two by Keith.

By Ethel H

By Sarah O'R.


Left: By Loraine         Right: By Des.


Sketches by Colette.

                   By Caitriona S

 By Alex  
 By Rory
By Stephen C.
 By Maura

   Left: 2 by _Jasmine                            Right: By Martha

`By Mary


James Moore said...

Nice to see you out again Sarah. Really like the colours and the fluidity of your drawings.

James Moore said...

I like that pastel you did Collete. Colours are very striking, you've captured the sunlight.

SarahOR said...

it was great seeing everyone again and a lovely day for sketching.

I particularily love Mary's flowers and the watercolours :)