Sunday 2nd March - 2pm Museum on Kildare Street, 4pm Kilkenny Shop Coffee Shop

On Sunday 2nd of March Dublin Sketchers are going to the National Museum on Kildare Street. This is where the gold, bog bodies and Egyptian stuff is, not where the dead animals are (they are round the corner on Merrion Square).

Oh, actually, the proper name for it is The Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, which fairly rolls off the tongue.

We'll meet at 2pm in the front reception area

This week's optional challenge is to draw something from an unusual angle, or make an unusual composition by cropping something (eg, make half a vase fill your page)

If you've not been before, you'll spot us easily as we'll be holding our sketch pads. Don't worry if you're late - just get stuck in with the drawing.

We'll meet again at 4pm in the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street - they have a coffee shop upstairs. We'll enjoy looking at each other's work.

And finally - making Dublin Sketchers happen...
.. A big thank you to Melanie for arranging the locations for Dublin Sketchers for the month of February. This year, we're aiming to have a different person arranging the locations for each month. Hopefully, we'll end up in some wonderful and stimulating locations as we explore Dublin through sketching. We've had a few people offer to do a month, which is great. Do email if you'd like to contribute 15 minutes of your life once a week for a month to make Dublin Sketchers happen.