Sunday 26 July - Urban Plant Life

This Sunday 26 July, Dublin Sketchers have been invited to Urban Plant Life at 110 Cork Street, Dublin 8.

Urban Plant Life is the only garden centre in the City Centre.  It is located within an old factory complete with a chimney stack and many old features.  It is full of nooks and crannies, garden furniture, statues and of course plant life.  Whatever you prefer to draw, you’ll find it here.

We will meet at 2pm at the front entrance.  Don’t worry if you’re late - just get stuck in and draw whatever takes your fancy.

We’ll meet again at 4pm at the coffee shop inside the garden centre for refreshments and a chat.   

If you haven't been before, keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketch book and come and say hello.  Dublin Sketcher’s is FREE – just bring your own drawing materials.

Hope to see you there!