Sunday 20 May - Harold's Cross Festival

This week we will be drawing at the Harold's Cross Festival, starting from 2 pm.
Most of the action will be in and around Harold's Cross Park, where there will be music for most of the afternoon.


At 4pm we will meet for a picnic in the park. It's not a very big park, so if it's your first time, look for people with sketchbooks and come over and say hello! It looks like there are food stalls and toilets!

If you can’t find any sketchers at the beginning don’t worry … and if you’re late you won’t be the only one.  It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re not famous for our punctuality.  Just get started and keep your eyes open for other sketchers.
The weather forecast is a little uncertain. If it starts raining, you can try some of the local cafés - Five Points Café at 288A Harold's Cross Road (towards Leinster Road) and HX46, at 46 Harold's Cross Road (nearer to the bridge) both come highly recommended.
Also, there is an interesting exhibition, called "Queens of Art" at the Galerie Impromptu , 286 Harold's Cross Road, across from the Maxol Station. Local artist, Sheila Flaherty, who occasionally joins us on our outings, has invited us to the opening on Thursday evening. So drop in and say Hi!

To find out more about other events during the festival, check their programme at:
Hope to see you on Sunday!

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