Sunday 21 June 2009 - IMMA - Work by WALK and The Dublin Sketchers

Here is some of the work from today. Where we know the name of who did what we will write it next to the picture, apologies for not remembering everyones name yet. Sorry if some of the pics aren't that well captured we were in a rush earlier when we were taking the photos. Anyway in no particular order....











TAW Blog Admin said...

Some seriously good work done today folks. My favourites today were David's cat and house pics, excellent colour use and Stephens black and white one with the numbers - very Basquite like.

TAW Blog Admin said...

Also thanks to WALK for joining us and making the day even more fun and enjoyable.

SarahOR said...

really cool pictures!

galvinator said...

Really great work up here since the last time I visited the site. Hopefully I'll get out of the studio over one of the next few weekends, up to my neck in it. Last time I had a few beers was after the Art Gallery with Stephen, Fran and James in town. Hope yez are all keepin well!

Ciaran.L said...

great work, especially Stephen's stuff!