Cornfirmed! Botanic Gardens - Sunday 28th

Hey there,

Given the run of good weather we've been having lately, thought it might be a nice time to visit the Botanic Gardens again.... although not sure if the forecast is so good for the weekend.
Or if there's something else happening this weekend that people know of, then just post here.
Otherwise, I suggest we meet at main entrance to the gardens at the usual time of 1pm.

For directions of how to get to the gardens, see here:

Cheers :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice idea! :)

TAW Blog Admin said...

Botanics sounds great.

Tracy O'Brien said...

I'm heading home this weekend - am jealous - loved the Botanic gardens last time!!

Ye'll have a great time - lots to do indoors even if it is raining, but it would be very warm in there - bring water!!

Stephen said...

Great idea Sarah, cheers.

Mary said...

Looking forward to being there, that is where I first met Sketchers!. May have to leave early as I also want to check out the Nora Dunne Gallery Art Auction!