Very late sketches from Howth

Hi - sorry I'm only getting mine up now. Won't make it to viking festival today, but went along yesterday and can really recommend the free walking tours... enjoy.


Mary said...

Wonderful sketches Sarah, better late than never!! Great observation and humour!
I love the boat and I agree about the seagull's size, I enjoy watching them, but I prefer they keep their distance when in the air! Great sketches of the headland and houses, I did not make it that far, maybe another day!
The weather was brilliant, your sketch of the 2 ladies says it all!

Balazs said...

Sarah, really enjoyable sketches!
Love them! They have a great lively summer feel!

Stephen C said...

HI Sarah, lovely sketches, my favourites are no.1 the lifeboat and the seagull and then the view from the harbour. They would make fantastic postcards!