Sun.15th Aug. Some more sketches from Howth.

Here are some sketches from today  in Howth, also the weather was amazing!


Two sketches of  Hill of Howth and the Harbour by Caelyn

Sketch of Ireland's Eye and the Bay, by Hans.

 Water colour and pen sketch of Harbour, by Mary



Two sketches of Howth Head and the Harbour,
By Maura.

 Sea sketch by Liz

Sketch of Howth Head  by Jessica


James Moone said...

Hiya Mary love how you did the seagulls and their different wing shapes - gives a good sense of movement. Really smashing watercolour all round.

sally said...

they are all beautiful! i love your one Mary of the boats

galvinator said...

Brilliant work! Great colour Mary. Beautiful as always Maura. Like the style of the house on the hillside caelyn.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Lovely work by Caelyn - very nice!

Mary - the light in your watercolour is just amazing. Really beautiful.

Fantastic work all round lads - really miss getting out :( Won't be about for another few weeks unfortunately, but keep up the good work - I'm so jealous!


Caelyn said...

Hello Mary Thanks for posting the our pictures! I was very impressed by this activity.I'd like to meet you again.great meet you!

Stephen C said...

Lovely sketches this week, sorry I missed that.

You've outdone yourself Mary, i didn't think that was possible! :) your watercolour is just beautiful.

Caelyn, your sketches are great, can't make up my mind which one I like more. Hope you come again.

Mary said...

Thanks for comments everyone.
Caelyn and Hans, we all love to meet new sketchers, keep coming! Next meet-up location will be posted Friday afternoon. In the meantime any suggestions are very welcome!

Veronika Samlova said...

I love you watercolours, Mary. great atmosphere.
Caelyn, love you blue effect.
Nice works all around, everybody. Sorry I have missed it. And it was so warm that day.