Sketches from Sandymount , Sunday 8th May.2011

Watercolour by Chris.
                                                                                                                            Pastel  by John C. Jr.

                                                                  Pen & Ink Sketches by John C.

                                                   Watercolour with Pen & Ink, by Mary

 Sketches by Eva.

Four Sketches by Karine.


James Moone said...

Lovely work all round folks. Unfortunately I left my own drawing under the chair in the pub and it has dissapeared on me. Should have taken a photo of it while I had the chance.Oh well, c'est la vie.

Mary said...

Oh James, bad luck. Hopefully someone appreciates the wonderful view they have got of The Green. Did you sign it?

Caelyn said...

I love mary's painting.Your painting creates a stately atmosphere.

Caelyn said...

Oh..James..I am sorry to hear that.