Any Ideas for Sunday 29th

Ok any ideas welcome. Weather on Sunday at this time is predicted to be cloudy with sunny spells.
It would be great to go somewhere new so get your thinking caps on folks! : )

Somebody recently suggested St.Patricks Cathedral Park and that general area is quite interesting, plus it has been an absolute age since Sketchers were there last.


Dobbin said...

Like the idea of this - plenty to draw, either inside the cathedral itself, the gardens or the buildings around.....There are a couple of cafes near there too.

Tracy O'Brien said...

There have been a few requests for the Soul festival up on Merrion Square - could be nice and there is the National Art Gallery nearby if the weather turns nasty!

James Moone said...

As fun as the Soul festival sounds from previous experience it'll probably be very crowded and that creates difficulties for sketching. People generally get more drawing done if the environment isn't too manic.That would be my concern with the Soul festival.