More sketches from the Dead Zoo! Sunday 1st April.

 By Farah

                                           By Kevin (Cork Sketch Group)

By Keith

 By Colette

By Catherine

By Sally.

By Maura

   By Arthur By Dimas M 
By Yoshiko  (Cork Sketch Group)
 By Mary


James Moore said...

Liek your picture Mary, those chicks have a real softness to them. well captured.

James Moore said...

Great to see a Great Crested Grebe, groovy.

James Moore said...

Those fish drawings and other creatures all on the one page are great fun, really charming drawings.

Great drawing of the badger family. Thanks for the pitt oil pencil, we've already started passing it around. Thanks for that.

Maria Bonals said...

Oh Mary, I completely agree with James. I feel to hug those chicks!! ;) Beautiful picture!

Mary said...

A great picture of the Badgers Kevin, and Keith, I love your collage of Birds and Rabbits.