Sketching Sunday 22nd. Hugh Lane Gallery

I suggest we meet at the Hugh Lane Gallery this week. The Gallery has been visited by us before and there is lots to sketch in a comfortable environment. Current Exhibitions and further information available here: LINK

James has also noted the Ensemble Avalon play: Liszt: Ballade No.2 in B minor, Rachmaninov: Etudes-Tableaux Nos 1 & 2, Turina:Trio No.1 op.35. Also, if you visted before and most of us have, theres lots of ineteresting artwork to see at the Hugh Lane as well as the architecture.

Those who wish to sketch during the concert - it starts at 12pm and lasts an hour usually, sketch inspired by the music.

Others who wish to arrive later and simply sketch in the Gallery can meet at the entrance at 1pm. We will all continue sketching till 3pm when we meet for coffee in the cafe. Should be a chilled and relaxed session.

Any newcomers are more than welcome to come along - have your sketch pads out so we'll recognise you!



Scribbler said...

Newbie to your group I'll definitely be there on Sunday.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Hi Galvinator - send an email to the link if you would like to be added as a contributor and to the mailing list! See you Sunday :)

James Moore said...

Hi Galvinator,
It will be good to meet you again after the sketch crawl a while back.

James Moore said...

Might not make this session after all thanks to bad flu and I do not want to accidently pass it on to anyone - perhaps will make next week.

James Moore said...

Looking forward to seeing yer posts though!