World Beach Art Project Session - Sunday 26th April 1pm at the Bray Sealife Aquarium

Suggestion...Hopefully the weather will be sunny this Sunday 11 degrees celcius as predicted by the weather reports so how about a day of making art to contribute to the Victoria and Albert online Beach Art Project and really putting the Dublin entry on the map check it out here

Meet at 1pm at the Bray Sealife Aquarium

Address:National SEA LIFE centre, Strand Road, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

By car: Enter Bray, follow signs for the seafront/SEA LIFE. Paid parking available in front of Centre and along seafront.
By train:Take train to Bray station. 5 minute walk to seafront.
By bus:Take No 45, 84 or 145 from Dublin city centre to Bray Main Street and walk to the seafront.

Weather report as of noon fri... looks good.

The rules are simple...
we need a beach with lots of rocks,stones,or pebbles and can only use rocks,stones,or pebbles, as our building blocks, mosaics, patterns,coloured stones etc but these can contrast against the water, sand etc - no added bits of seaweed sticks etc
We take 3 digital of the general coastal area we wrking on, one of the process of constructing it-the people involved too, and finally a photo of the finished piece in all it's glory.

People can work in a group on one piece or do their own individual thing...

The final element is to write a poem or descriptive piece, can be funny,arty,clever,poignant depending on what the work, the day unfolds to us of max 500 characters and then upload to theVandA online website and await their display..

Jessica and myself and some friends did one of these down in West Cork (it's not uploaded yet as we still have a text to write with it, but it was a lot of fun doing it and we didn't visit the website beforehand which would have influenced more what we did) here's a pic of it before and after. See if you can spot the difference. Will include a third pic for scale.

May I suggest Bray beach and please note anyone not bothered with the rock art can draw as normal, can draw anyone who wants to do the rock art, whatever, it's just a suggested idea and we can all meet at 1pm at the Bray Sealife Aquarium


Mary said...

Look forward to Sunday James. Great project in Cork! Took a lot of effort!
Nice to see we may have a good, if windy, day on Sunday. Best come prepared!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Good point Mary, will bring a raincoat just in case.Mmm might get an ice cream there too...look forward to seeing you there - do you know any pub, cafe or hotel there that is worth meeting up at three in - any suggestions welcome folks.

Anonymous said...

That's nice :) I'll try to make it.

Mary said...

James, re the meet up at 3pm. there is the Baracuda Restaurant alongside the Beach, and also an italian Restaurant opposite it.

Mary said...

A great day on the beach in Bray, weather held up and the sun managed to peer out a bit!
Fabulous variety of colours and sizes in stones, I had only expected greys! The combined project should be unveiled later this week, by James, before it wings or maybe Swims it way, to the V&A! Woohoo!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Nice one Mary, we'll have to come up with some text too, to make it soar, swim etc, I still up for a Roman,pompei,Atlantis vibe, maybe something to do with us(humans) and our relation to the sea and it's creatures for better or worse.
Will try to think of something-500 characters max...but open to suggestions...

Mary said...

James, one solution would be that the shapes between the rocks suggested a fish attacking its prey! Someone may come up with a better one!