Howth - Sunday 18th

Hi all,

Ok, this Sunday we will all visit Howth! I don't know the area well - so I'm just going to say we will all meet outside the DART station (Howth Station) at 1pm. There is a map here showing the location of Howth Station for those driving - hopefully there will be parking nearby! LINK

Please all try to be there for 1pm, as we will then wander around from there - have a sketch pad out if you haven't been sketching with us before!

Hope the weather holds, but fear not - worst case scenario we find somewhere warm with a fire and sketch away!

See you there,



Mary said...

Hope to be there Sunday, Tracy. That is a lovely view of Ireland's Eye, taken from the Hill.

Veronika Samlova said...

The pic is really nice, Tracy.
There is fews things to see an draw in Howth. There is pub right underneath the Dart Station (if is raining or for afters). There is also a nice marina with Sunday market. N ot far is Deer Park Golf Club from which is lovely view of Lombay and Irelands Eye Islands, on the way to GF you have to pass Howth Castle (this short walking distance from the Dart Stn.). If you fancy longer walk through the hilly village up to the Summit for great view of Dublin City with the Mountains or you may fancy to draw the Lighthouse. Anyway, here is one more link. And see you on Sunday. Oh and as I mentioned in my previous post, I will be driving to Howth so if you need a lift from town, give me a shout.

Tracy O'Brien said...

It's a pic I stole from google! But it is really lovely!

Thanks for all the info Veronika, I'll drive too I'd say, I'm based in Ranelagh and it's a bit too awkward togo getting a DART out there. It's as easy to hop in the car!

See you all there!!

TAW Admin said...

Looking forward to exploring around Howth again - i'll be on the Dart