Sunday 4th October - Ideas?

Hi all,

Well - any ideas on where to sketch this Sunday? I won't be around yet again, heading Corkwards :o)
Please post ideas or I am going to nominate somewhere random at about 2pm! You have been warned!!



Tracy O'Brien said...

"The Graphic Art of Edvard Munch" by Lecturer Dr Angela Griffith, Trinity College Dublin is the talk in the in the National Gallery on Sun 04 Oct. from 15:00.

If we go to the National Art Gallery, this talk is on at 3pm and it would give people the opportunity to see the exhibition if they wish.

Pat said...

I've enrolled for a series of drawing classes in the National Gallery from 12.15 to 2.15 on Sundays for the next ten weeks so if the Sketchers are going to the Gallery on Sunday I'll see you there.

Mary said...

Good idea Tracy, also there is the watercolour Society Exhib. in Dunlaoghaire County Hall. I may not make it Sunday, as I want to have a lookee at the Auction in the Nora Dunne Gallery as I have a little interest in it this time!

Mary said...

Great stuff Pat. Those classes are brilliant, enjoy them.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Oh the DunLaoghaire Watercolour Exhib. could be great too!

Stephen said...

There's also a town-wide exhibition in Dun Laoghaire that looks really interesting. "contemporary artworks will be placed in shop fronts and prominent sites of business and commercial premises"

Here's a map of it.