Capital D on RTE 1 want to run a feature on us!

Capital D (RTE 1 at 7pm on Thursdays) would like to run a magazine feature on Dublin Sketchers. The pieces are about 6 minutes each, with about 4 in each programme, and are warm presentations about interesting things happening round the city. Here's a recent episode if you want to check it out (and spot me!)

They asked for some information about the group (like age range, approx membership, nationalities, who created it and why, how long it's been running, background information on membership, how the group works etc) and I have passed this on.

They're a really nice company to work with, totally relaxed, and I think they'll make a lovely wee piece about us!

They will come out and film us one Sunday and interview people. I thought it would be good to interview Sarah O'Reilly (if she likes!) as she created the group, and then Tracy or Stephen who manage the mailing list at the moment. And then it depends a little on who is around the day of the filming, who is happy to be in front of the camera, and who the production company find interesting. I worked with them on a piece about swing dancing recently, they interviewed about 10 people and 5 people ended up on the cutting room floor (although they were very nice about it!)!

They were keen for us to suggest a location - some where interesting and also some where outside / inside in case of weather! I know we normally decide the location on Friday for the Sunday, but for their purposes we'd probably need to agree the date with them a couple of weeks in advance, and the location too..... Does anyone have any ideas for a good spot for them to come and film us at? Either somewhere new or an old favourite.....?

Also, they were asking if anyone has an interesting story about why they joined sketchers, or what sketchers has inspired them to do...?