Some Pics from Glendalough with our Plein Eire compadres

It was a smashing day today in Glendalough but we were really tired from the heat and the midges by coffee time. Here's what Jessica and myself got up to anyway. Look forward to seeing what people did from Trinity. Get posting. Don't forget to watch out for Capital D on Thursday at 7pm on RTE 1 featuring...the Dublin Sketchers! : )


Tracy O'Brien said...

Brilliant work Jessica and James! Was such a beautiful day - we ended up driving around until sunset, Lough Tay and more along the way. Too nice to go home :-)

Mary said...

Great work James and Jessica. James I can feel the heat of the day in your picture, absolutely fab!
Great you all had such a good day for the event. Apologies I did not make Trinity,cannot function in this heat!

Pat said...

Terrific work James & Jessica. I couldn't make Glendalough but it seems to have been a great day out.