Pearse Museum

More from Sunday, this one is from Ray

Hope you all had a good time earlier today, Pearse museum is a great place to draw, although there is so much choice it can be hard to settle on a subject. Capital D were lovely. I'm sure they'll do a good piece on us! They thanked us all for being such a nice bunch to film.

Here's my own finished drawing from today

And some drawings from Jessica (dorm beds are done left handed, black and blue ink one is two pens in right hand and she was ably assisted colouring in the grass by 5 year old Mary and her brother Peter!)


Patrick Daly said...

Your drawing of the house facade turned
out really well James.

James Moore said...

Cheers Patrick.

Mary said...

Great drawing of the house James. I love how you approached it from the side and created a frame with the steps and trees.