Sketches done today (6th April)

contributors are myself, Gearoid and Joan


Faraway said...

Looking good!! Will see ye all next Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Like that chap in armour it has a liviness to the line that makes it stand out. It also has real focus, the figure and his status are what come across as being important to me here.

Might I suggest that people create a "focus" where there are several elements vying for attention in a picture like that which has been done in the bottom two figures where one is described in ink and the other in pencil which also adds to the background foreground effect,the male figure immediately stands out because of this.

Could the picture of the goose girl have been enhanced by distinguishing more between her and the trees? perhaps with a darker line, more tone? this is merely a suggestion an approach to watch out for - how to create focus, make one element more important or stand out compared to another.