SarahBo's sketches

Here are a couple of very wobbly buildings from Trinity. I'm not great with perspective, straight lines etc, so decided to respond to my subject with 'vigour'. Less time-consuming and fun to do!


Anonymous said...

Although I like the characterful work you've done here I agree with you that buildings can be a bit of a b@gger at times - I find if you're going to go the whole hog to work out a reasonable looking linear perspective you might aswell bring along a ruler - it helps no end even to just place it on the page between your horizon line vanishing point and the various parallel horizontal lines of your building.

Even if you are drawing it looking straight on at the building and linear perspective doesn't really come into play - it's still useful to use a ruler as a guide.

I've done plenty of building scenes with lines that looked fine to me until I checked the reverse image of it in the mirror and found that all my seemingly straight lines where actually skewed off to a slightly wrong angle (i.e. not straight)

Hope that all makes sense, if not I could prob demonstrate it easier.

Sarah Bowie said...

you make it sound so easy! however, it's good advice and I'll definitely bring a ruler along with me next time and give it a go. thks

SarahOR said...

I edited the title cuase it looked like James did all those sketches. they would be lovely framed in a cream/ black frame...are you doing the exhibition?