more sketches done today

Contributors are myself, James and Kevin, feel free to post up if you have an art blog you want linked up to this site!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the sketching this day - I wished I could have stayed longer at the museum - I'll be back to finish off both the horse head in the gallery and the norman long boat aswell - i might even combine them into a picture in the end. I'll see how it goes - no harm in having an agenda or plan when we go sketching.

Some lovely work done by people esp. liked the etheral nun in the garden by Kevin and the precise almost archaeological illustrations by Sarah Bo - I could imagine a whole collection of similar drawings of small objects mixed together to form a really interesting work - you could come up with your own system of related items, base it on a theme - small figures of people, hand carved tools with animal symbols, green objects, sea related, whatever resonates, etc.