Cherry Blossom Tree in Trinity

Not v. happy with the over all result, struggled with my materials a bit (Derwent soft drawing pencils on matte grey recycled paper - whished I'd had some pastels to give it more oomph) but I enjoyed being out there doing it all the same. I tried to draw as much as I could see of the brances first and then clothe it with the leaves and flowers. For such a beautiful tree it's pretty dull as a picture - I'm going to have to do more tree and branch studies in the future.

Just created the following blog a few days ago
look forward to seeing other people's 'extra curricular' work too : )


Sarah Bowie said...

really atmospheric - you can especially appreciate tones with the smaller image. Agree - pastels would have made it easier to capture blossoms in a smudgier, more 'blossomy' way, but pencils worked well for trunk and branches.

Just quickly saw your blog - artwork brill and will go back for a proper look later. Has inspired me to set-up my own blog too - will do soon!

SarahOR said...

Did it take you long to do? Hairspray is great for stopping it smudging :)) conte crayons smudge less but aren't quite as nice to use as soft pastels, they are good to use for more detailed work though.

Artblog added to the list :)