thanks to Ciaran F, Sarahbo, Catherine, Stephen, Tracy and James who took part in this exchange with Walkinstown association (people with intellectual disabilties), I have the postcards we recieved and will give them to you as soon as I see you again. (im away sunday-thursday next week for interviews).

here are the postcards we designed:

(from top left, Catherine , Ciaran F and Catherine
middle: myself, Tracy and SarahBo (top right)
bottom: Stephen.
ones to left here by James except the frog one which never made it as it got ballsed up in the end - actually the final postcards had more snow in them but I forgot to photo the end result - just imagine a blizzard in front of green Tom Crean and an iceberg water and berg reflection behind the red Tom and an ice shelf around the bottom part of the two figs in the water and you've got it


Stephen said...

Heh, not a bad haul in the end

Tracy O'Brien said...

thanks for organising this Sarah! Great to see we had something to send back :o)

SarahOR said...

yeah i v gotta give out all the cards i recieved.. will i just give them out as i see people?

Ciaran. said...

Some lovely work here. Good goin!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I really like the colored swirls one!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Good work people - perhaps Sarah OR can post the work we received on the blog here - hope that doesn't involve too much work!