Xmas drinks (at Xmas market!)

Hi all!
Given that it's the season to be jolly etc, a few of us were thinking of getting together for a few spiced wines at the Xmas market in the IFSC. The market kicks off on the 12th, so perhaps if we try to meet on a Wed or Thur any time from then on (most people will have stuff on on the Fri's and Sat's). Or we could do it after sketching on a Sunday, perhaps meeting to sketch at 3 rather than 1?

So possible dates for xmas drinks are:
  • Sun 14th
  • Wed 17th
  • Thurs 18th
  • Sun 21st

Would be great if you could note your preference for dates here, or make any other suggestions...

Here's a bit more info on the xmas market, incl. location map: http://www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp?p=503&n=507

Sarah Bo


Tracy O'Brien said...

oooh it sounds soooo good :) I like the sound of Sunday the 14th.. although the other dates except Sunday the 21st are all good for me too!

Stephen said...

I'd love to do the 14th as well and coincidently every other date except the 21st are fine too. I'll be there most evenings after work anyway :)

SarahOR said...

sign me up to all dates!

Dobbin said...

Yikes, none of those dates work for me......But, I'm away alot over Xmas anyway. Guess I'll bow out of this one! Have a beverage for me!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Was talking to Sarah O'R and she can't make the 14th now - so how about we name a date mid-week? Say Wed. the 17th? Suit people?

SarahOR said...

yeah i have to fly out to leeds ..i have two interviews..then im back tuesday evening..so any of the later three dates would work for me.

Anonymous said...

Wed 17th - yes
Thurs 18th - no
Sun 21st - yes

Looking forward to check this out:)