More sketches from Sun 30th

Sunday was a freezing cold day, but the light was so beautiful by the canal, I just couldn't resist attempting to capture the verdant green grass and black ink shadows of the trees. Luckily we had a nearby coffee shop as a warm base, where I sketched Marta absorbed in her work. Fish n chips in Beshoffs afterwards, well deserved after a hard afternoon's sketching!;-)


Anonymous said...

Nice tree shadows!
I like the picture of me, it looks really recognizable!! :)

James Moore said...

I really like the canal picture the way the shadows seem to seep like ink almost into the water - i remember you saying that was more or less how they looked - but what a cool device for future drawings paintings - shadows with their own special quality or even character...oh the possibilities! : )

Like the angles in the portrait,an interesting and pleasing composition, you've caught Marthas poise well and the hands in particular are well modelled and expressive.

Catherine said...

Sarah I like the grass shadows the colours in the water and I really like perspective and shadow through the bridge. Martha sitting on the nice colourful blue green is lovely.