Graphite Pencil Artist

Hey lads. I just wanted to pass this on. It's work from Linda Huber. Outstanding graphite stuff. Check out the site for higher resolution images. Some of the detail and surfaces she manages to capture just using pencil are mesmerising. See you this evening if I get out of here today. 



Tracy O'Brien said...

Wow. That is incredible!! Just pencil like!!!

Lucky Fish said...

Although I do not normally feel much fascination towards traditional art made from copying photos, it is a very good technical drawings that she does.
There is a Drawing Tips section which explains her approach.

Lucky Fish said...

... Drawing tips are really good. She writes poetry too :)

Stephen said...

Check out Kent Bellows graphite work here

There really isn't much distinguishing it from photography. Realism isn't my favourite form of art as it's entirely dependant on the subject matter to evoke emotion but it is still incredibly impressive from a mechanical skill point of view. I'd love to be able to do it and then choose not to :)

Lucky Fish said...

I like the one which looks like a composition of many things - Wrath Drawing §2, Nude facing Wall, and a spiral in the snow.

You know that you can always try doing things like that if you follow the rules as described by the previous artist and have time ;)

I guess 0.5mm pencil is the easiest medium for very detailed drawings, and another observation would be to draw on a larger format then the scan which you make for online.

TAW Blog Admin said...

Very impressive skill with pencils and patience but likewise I don't see the point of copying a photo so that it almost looks like the photo except in black and white - but in saying that they still have a lovely softness to them and she is great on tone. All too mechanical and bit too slick and saccharine for my taste and ultimately a bit too MTV or something. Still am taking note of some of her tips - Oh the hypocrite!: )