From the Narrative arts club session

Stories were told and those who sketched responded to the tales and the general atmosphere of the setting. The original sketch and some very blue mucking around in photoshop versions too.


The Oh-Aissieux said...

Spooky! Somehow, this drawing is more real than my own memory of that evening! Thanks for capturing the show so vividly, James.

Veronika Samlova said...

Hi James,

What is Narrative arts club about?
never heard of this before.

The Oh-Aissieux said...

The Narrative Arts Club was founded in 2005 to promote innovative storytelling for urban young adult audiences in Dublin.
The Narrative Arts Club is intended particularly to develop storytelling as an art form and a form of entertainment that is capable of competing for audiences who might otherwise go to the cinema.
In recent times, the club has been associating with other kinds of artists - e.g. sketchers - in order to develop new ways of telling stories and new contexts for storytelling.
More details:

Mary said...

I agree a very spookey story, and a great interpretation of it James!

The Oh-Aissieux said...

By the way, if I may:
The lighting may be rather soft at the Mael Dun's Voyage art exhibition / storytelling performance in the Unitarian Church this Thursday 26th, but you are welcome to come and sketch, or just enjoy the stunning tapestry design and my account of the enchanting old epic.
Also, sketch artists are most welcome at our next show (Oh-Aissieux and Wilson) in the Library Bar Extension, titled Adventures and Misadventures, on Thursday 3 December.
We would be delighted to see you there!
Details for both shows:

The Oh-Aissieux said...

Thanks, James.
These colour versions of your sketch are magical.
The prevailing blue with white faces creates a powerful sense of storytelling by moonlight, and the arrival of the hunter with his dog is very spooky.

Adam said...

This amazing, and that's me telling the story!

The Oh-Aissieux said...

Ah! I just spent about 50 minutes searching for these pictures by James, because I was using the keyword StorySketch and it's nowhere to be seen. Now hopefully this post sorts that!

Clare said...

Very evocative a storyteller I can tell you that is what it feels like when the mojo is really flowing. The world changes colours and strange beings walk in the door. I am impressed by the collaboration, it is encouraging to see storytelling transcending artistic parameters in this way. Congratulations to all involved!

kudos and saludos
Clare Muireann Murphy

Dearbhla said...

Great sketch, really atmospheric. I think I'm in it - which means you're probably in one of my sketches from that evening!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Hi Oh-Aissieux - can you send an email to the dublinsketchers email please - link is on the main blog page. Thanks