Ideas for Sunday?!

Thursday night already!! I am off to Cork this weekend, it's the Lovely Jumper Festival that's taking me away this time around.. has to be done :D

Stephen is also away this weekend, so I'm opening the floor to ideas for where ye would like to go this week.

Please post as comments and I will try and send out a mail tomorrow before I head off to confirm everything.



Pat said...

Sorry Tracy, excuse my ignorance, but what's the Lovely Jumper festival? It sounds very Father Ted. Judging by the weather reports it sounds like you're going to need your wellies as well.

Tracy O'Brien said...

:) It's excactly what is says on the tin Pat! I can't wait!! It's a charity fundraiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute ( by having a Lovely Jumper Festival,
where EVERYONE must try and find the lovliest jumper they can and wear them with pride to the Spailpin Fanach in Cork! ;)

Ciaran.L said...

There's some interestingly shaped sculptures at IMMA at the moment, plus there's Huston, for people who like to sketch people.
That could be our last resort anyway, if people can't think of anything better.