Irish Museum of Modern Art - Kilmainham 1pm

Apologies for the delay - I'm away in Cork for the weekend and couldn't get access before now!!

This week the Sketchers Group will meet at 1pm outside the front door of the IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, KilmainhamRoyal Hospital, Kilmainham. They are open from 12am to 5.30pm so plenty time to sketch!

Link for info!

Happy sketching!!


Veronika Samlova said...

Hi Tracy, hope your area is not too flooded. Not sure is I will turn up on Sunday. Became an auntie forthe fist time so going to drink to that of course.

Mary said...

Thanks for the post re Sunday Tracy.
Terrible flooding, hope things are ok your way.
Sorry I am unable to head out in the afternoons, at the moment. Enjoy the day everyone.

Ciaran.L said...

Weather permitting, I hope to be there; topically enough, there's apparently a video installation featuring the French footballer Zidane; French football's very popular at the moment, n'est pas?